Bar S Inc Safety

Bar-S is committed to providing a safe and efficient work environment to all of our customers & employees.


Bar-S continually strives to go beyond the industry standards with a system that implements training and basic awareness to help us produce a zero incident safety culture for our employees. Bar-S focuses on identifying potential hazards in order to provide an injury free work environment for our team. By continually training our employees and supervisors we keep safety where it belongs … FIRST!

The Bar-S D.O.T. Compliance group works in cooperation with all other company divisions for fleet and driver compliance in accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Every unit in the fleet is inspected and maintained to exceed federal requirements. Every driver is monitored and evaluated for compliance with the state and federal guidelines.

We use a task specific training system that ensures all employees are qualified before they are allowed to run equipment. This helps ensure not only is work being performed at the highest quality, but work is being performed in the safest manner possible.

Safety audits are conducted by the Bar-S Safety Department to check compliance and observe safe work procedures as well as correct any safety deficiencies.

Bar-S has a zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol in the work place. Drug testing is performed pre hire, randomly and post incident.


  • Initial Employment
  • Annually
  • Specific
  • Monthly
  • CDL


  • Driver Qualification Evaluation
  • Driver Record Inspections
  • Annual Vehicle Inspections
  • Random Vehicle Inspections
  • Mechanic Qualifications
  • Vehicle Maintenance Records
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