Bar S Housing Camps

We offer quality employee housing, modular man camps, oil field workforce housing, and executive housing throughout the country.

Modular Man Camp Rentals

We understand that working in harsh environments and less populated areas can bring forth it’s own set of needs. Our goal is to reduce your companies transportation time and lodging costs as well as provide your team with comfortable sleeping quarters and meeting areas.

  • Laundry and Tailoring Services
  • Food Service and Housekeeping
  • Expansion Capabilities

-Power Hook ups and Generators Available
-Internet / Satellite Equipped Options
-Attractive Bath and Change House Quarters
-Efficient Dining and Kitchen Facilities
-Meeting Quarters and Office Space Options

At Bar S we can install, and operate “skid houses, man camps” and provide the best possible accommodation for your team. Man Camps are often operated in harsh and remote areas far away from hotels or other boarding options. This means your company must provide food services and accommodations for your workers on site, and often for extended periods of time. We also understand that your project may require on-site facilities for engineers only staying briefly and short-term contractors, or long-term workers needing a home away from home.

Bar-S Services