Bar-S Water Division

Bar-S is a leader in oil field service, providing our customers with complete water management solutions.

Water Management Solutions

With a fleet of water trucks dedicated to fresh water, production water, flow back, potable water and sewage we are prepared to handle any fluid transportation and storage needs you have.

  • 165-200 bbl Vac Trailers
  • 130-160 bbl Vac Trailers
  • 80 bbl Vac Trucks
  • 142 bbl Potable Water Trucks
  • 80 bbl Sewage Trucks
  • 400 bbl Upright Tanks
  • Filtration Systems
  • Manifold Systems
  • Stand-alone Pumps
  • Rolling Frac Tanks
  • 3 Sided Shale Bins
Bar-S Services